Personalized Physiotherapy

Are you looking for a place where you can carry out your physiotherapy treatments with quality and safety?
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At Inspire Studio, we have a Personalized Physiotherapy Cabinet, where you can find a professional capable of meeting and responding to all your needs.

With a completely individualized and personalized service, our Physiotherapist complies with all technical procedures, in order to guarantee a substantial improvement in your physical condition .

Physiotherapy is the third largest health care profession in Europe, being a profession that provides services to people and populations with the aim of developing, maintaining and restore maximum functional ability and movement throughout the life cycle.

Personalized Physiotherapy acts in healthy populations and populations with different health conditions, including end-of-life conditions.

Operating Strategies

- Manual therapy, including mobilization of structures, tissues or organs.

-Training of movement learning and motor reprogramming, including neuromuscular facilitation techniques.

-Therapeutic exercise, including prescribing, teaching, coaching and mentoring.

- Educational modalities.

- Functional training for self-care and activities of daily living.

- Functional trainingfor the context of work, leisure and civic activities.

- Prescription, application and, when appropriate, manufacture or production of health devices and equipment (support, adaptation, orthoprosthetics, protection and support).

- Techniques to facilitate lymphatic circulation and arteriovenous.

- Techniques for airway clearance and ventilation control.

- Modalities of relaxation.

- Sensory-motor integration.

- Mechanical modalities.

- Activities of coordination, communication and documentation.

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