Personal Training Studio in Porto - Fitness, Pilates, and Yoga

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Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles

Inspire Studio is designed to offer a positive exercise experience inside a carefully selected calm and peaceful environment. You will find two studios, one perfect for fitness and the other ideal for holistic activities such as Yoga and Pilates. There are two more exercising rooms dedicated to group classes and personal training. As an extra, when the weather is inviting we have the pleasure of having "Parque da Cidade'' just across the street, the best place to work out and keep in tune with nature.

Our method is based on cooperation between students and professors, we provide the technical support, encouragement, and fitness plan, you just have to show up and bring your motivation. Each plan is unique and focused on achieving goals gradually, continuously, certainly, and above all, comfortably. We want our studio to be your safe place to train.

This is how we work, one-on-one is basis for quality services. There is no free or unguided training in our studio, you will always have a professional with you. We create relationships and tailer our program to the needs of the students, we believe that is why they succeed both physically and emotionally. Beside the facts that you start feeling the results you also know that there is someone waiting for you which really lowers the amount of skipped training sessions and quitting rates.

Working out doesn't have to be, shouldn't be stressful.

Enjoy the moment that will change the way you exercise.

Language is a Factor?

We have capable instructors to conduct classes in English, French or Spanish. Call us to know more!

Personal Training - Costumise for you  

Achieve your goals with professional help!

All one-on-one personal training sessions are scheduled with the student. These sessions can be spoken in Portuguese, English, French or Spanish! This is how we like to work, everything is customised to the max. By combining cardio and muscle training you will be able to enhance your body's natural traits and silhouette. The personal trainer is there to prescribe, guide, help and make sure you make the most out of your body.

We offer you a full experience with a program that includes various types of training: powerplate, yoga, pilates, cardio, muscle training, and so on, everything will be planned down to the last detail, just for you.

If you never exercised before remember that it is never too late to start! We will be there with you from day one.

Think of your personal trainer as a training buddy that encourage and keep you motivated. Personal training is definitely for everyone the notable difference are the training goals and consequent benefits.


Improve resistance, strength and body mass.


Improve resistance, strength and muscle enhancement. Fight and prevent functional pain and other symptoms of a sedentary lifestyle.


Improve resistance, strength, mobility and prevent the loss of body mass.

Pilates: Align your posture!

Pilates is an amazing practice, depending on the exercise mix it can help with relaxing, weight loss, core strength and much more. It is also safe for seniors and antenatal and postnatal.

We work based on the six principles of pilates, tap here to know more about each one of them:



The core muscles are responsible for sustaining the spine and internal organs. During the practice of pilates, all movements should start with the activation of this zone.



To achieve a toned body the movements have to be controlled, this principle is closely linked with focus.

6 principles of pilates



This principle is responsible for creating light movements. Your body should flow between movements connecting them naturally.



Breathing should always be synchronized with movement. Inhale and exhale should be natural to keep up with muscle work.



Precision impacts the quality with which the movement is executed, when you are precise you don't spend unnecessary energy.



''The mind controls the body." - Joseph Pilates. When you focus the mind transforms thought into movement completing it with efficiency.

What is better than exercising? Exercising with company!

Our group classes are a little different than usual, we don't accept more than 5 students per class, the goal is to keep the sense of personalized training. These classes are perfect for those who like to have a commitment to their weekly schedule, the sense of progressive evolution is also lot more effective.

If you have any doubts about our group classes don't hesitate on contacting us.

Inspire Studio, a safe place for a healthy lifestyle.

Feel free to come by and say Hi! We’ll show you around.