Personal Training

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Adapting physical exercise according to your characteristics is essential to achieve your goals. The Personal Trainer, designs a training program according to your profile, needs and goals, in order to guide you and motivate you in a logical, progressive and more challenging way. The professional monitors all your evolution, being the best way to obtain fast, safe and effective results.


General Physical Condition


Personal transformation requires the replacement of old habits.

Face the day-to-day with an enviable physical availability. Our general fitness programs allow you to improve your levels of physical endurance and muscle strength. This program applies to all ages with the respective benefits:
– Young people / teenagers: Allows to increase the levels of resistance, strength and muscle mass.
– Adults: Allows to increase the levels of resistance, strength and muscle definition. Combats the appearance of functional pains and other characteristic symptoms from physical inactivity.
– Seniors: Enables increased levels of resistance and muscle strength. Prevents loss of muscle mass and improves joint mobility. Increase the quality of life.

Muscle Toning


Start changing your body today

The combination of cardiovascular exercises and muscle strengthening exercises will give you the enhancement of your body lines.The Personal Trainer's assistance in motivating and prescribing you a logical sequence of exercises is essential to make you feel better with your body.

It's never too late!


Sports activities are the toys section of life

How many times have you thought about starting a workout with the goal of losing weight or simply improving your physical condition and stayed by intention? Did you feel the urge to start, but are you afraid of not knowing how to do it and don't insist on being observed by others? We present you a program specifically geared towards beginners in physical activity!


Power Plate ®


Find out the difference

Speed ​​up your training speed through vibration. Power Plate® provides much deeper muscle activation which makes exercise highly effective. Get excellent results in terms of combating cellulite, reduction of fat mass and muscle toning . In classes of just 30 minutes you can have a highly effective workout.

The Power Plate® machine stimulates the body's response to vibration. The vibrations activate the muscle response several times per second, accelerating the effect of performing an exercise. Aceleration Training with Power Plate® machines creates instability in the human body , since with each vibration the body is forced to perform reflexive muscle actions several times per second.


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