At Inspire Studio, we favor a multidisciplinary vision, which allows us to offer and provide an excellent service.

With our Nutrition Department,we help you understand your needs and achieve your goals through an individualized and personalized nutritional monitoring service.


With experience, advanced training and scientific rigor, the team ensures all monitoring throughout the process in order to ensure adherence and treatment effectiveness. The service includes:

  • Evaluation of body composition, clinical history and complementary diagnostic tests;
  • Setting goals together with the patient according to their needs, their metabolic profile and lifestyles;
  • Elaboration of the individualized food plan and supplementation plan adjusted to the client’s needs;
  • Follow-up and monitoring the evolution of the patient throughout the process.

Appointment Types


Are Parties a Problem?

Parties can be a problem for our health and physical well-being. However, our nutritionist, Nuno Guimarães, is an apologist that we should enjoy the festive moments in the best possible way. But, this does not mean that we can overeat, one after the other. As he himself mentions, it is essential to know and interpret the needs, characteristics and / or pathological conditions, always taking into account the habits and lifestyles of each one.
Never compromising your health at parties, allow yourself to forget the “diet” for brief moments.

With the arrival of Easter, learn more about the composition of Almonds here.

Vitamin D

Essential for maintaining the normal functioning of the immune system or for the growth of teeth and bones, Vitamin D also plays, according to the researchers, an important role in the prevention of multiple sclerosis, seasonal flu and depression. This vitamin has numerous benefits for our health. Learn more here.

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