After all, does Pilates lose weight?

sera que pilates emagrece

Pilates and Weight Loss

It is common to hear yourself asking if Pilates can help you in the process of losing weight, and the answer to this question is:

Pilates is a physical discipline and obeys the common benefits of physical activity. Therefore, it helps the success of the weight loss process.

The Pilates exercises promotes increased heart rate and oxygen volume in cells. Thus, they help you to decrease the percentage of fat mass.

In addition, the modality helps to modify the bodies both in their structure and in terms of muscle. It is a demanding method that requires maximum commitment from practitioners.


Food and Weight Loss

A balanced diet is also a big step to help you in the weight loss process.

Eat healthy and complete meals, find out which foods are best for you. It is also important to know which diet suits your body and your daily needs best.
Ask for help from a Nutritionist to get a better follow-up.

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